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Watching a young person grow up and take flight is an amazing, edge-of-your-seat ride.

At the end of the day, we want them to have the education and 21st century skills to succeed in college and beyond. Yet, the startling reality is that in Massachusetts right now, more than 85,000 young people ages 16-24 are not in school and are not working.

As a Tocqueville donor, your support provides critical funds for programs that reach youth before they drop out of school or employment, particularly those from communities of high need. Your donations have helped to ensure that youth have the mentors, academic help, leadership development and exposure to career opportunities needed to graduate and succeed in today's economy.

Our Tocqueville community also helps to fill very real needs that young people face in college today. Many of our Marian L. Heard Scholars, for example, are the first in their family to attend college. We know that succeeding in college is even more important than getting in. We are grateful to our Tocqueville donors who have served as special mentors to our MLH scholars, providing them with guidance as they navigate classes and future career paths.

One donor this year saw an opportunity to help even more, providing a matching gift opportunity to raise funds for these college students for emergency expenses and other needs that are a part of student life, but not in their budget. These funds will allow our scholars to focus on their academics.

To learn more about our youth development and youth leadership programs, read on. Thank you for the role you play in ensuring that today's young people succeed.

We value your input and welcome your thoughts and questions any at time. I can be reached directly at mdurkin@supportunitedway.org.

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supporting youth in school 

Today in Massachusetts, almost 10% of youth ages 16-24 years old, representing 85,000 young people, are not in school and are not working. Boston alone has close to 12,000 youth who are disconnected from school or employment.

At a time when middle and high school students have access to almost unlimited data via their smart phones, how do we prepare them with the real skills they need to be successful in a 21st Century economy? By shifting our focus to critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration and leadership skills, ensuring students succeed not only in school, but in college, career and life in an information age. Find out how! >>


June 1: Agency Tour - Center For Excellence on Financial Coaching
June 9: Youth Venture Year-End Celebration



tocque society profile 

“Don’t wait to give your money in a will. Give it when you can see it working.”

That was the late George Schlichte’s philanthropic philosophy, one that is deeply shared by his wife Helen Chin Schlichte, a long-standing United Way supporter and Tocqueville Society member. And it’s that philosophy that motivated Helen to recently give United Way a generous endowment gift to promote employee development and training for United Way staff, the first gift of its kind for our organization. Read more! >>


youth venture leadership 

Through Youth Venture, high school students across Greater Boston are creating, leading, and implementing their own business ideas in their communities. In the process, they are also learning real-world career skills that will benefit them in whatever career they choose. Learn about their ideas. >>



You met them early in their college experience as our first class of Marian L. Heard Scholars. Find out where their career plans are taking them, and see how your donations have helped change the trajectory of their lives. Read more! >>


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